‘I’ve been offered zero fights in nine months’


Nate Diaz fires back at Dana White: ‘I’ve been offered zero fights in nine months’

Welterweight fan favorite Nate Diaz responded to UFC president Dana White‘s recently comments about the fight promotion not being able to hold fighters hostage.

In an interview with The MMA Hour last week, Diaz said that he felt like he was being held hostage by the UFC. During Saturday’s UFC Long Island Post-fight Press Conference, White responded to Diaz’ statements.

“Ive said this a million times and Ill say it again, we cant hold guys hostage, White said. Its not possible. I owe you three fights a year. If I dont fight you three times a year I have to pay you. How can I hold him hostage?

I have to get him three fights a year. I offer fights. He either accepts them, or turns them down. Obviously Im not paying him, so Ive offered him fights.”

Diaz quickly responded to White’s comments via social media.

“Dana said Francis Ngannou was injured and couldnt fight right now Idk why he was so confused in interview. And in the last 9 months I been offered 0 fights and I asked for 5 legitimate opponents .. Thanks u for the kind words can I go now,” Diaz wrote.

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