Rafael Nadal’s Reaction After 14 Roland Garros Titles Shows You Just How Humble He Is – Rafael Nadal Fans


“I have to follow with my team, my family, everybody. It is completely amazing, the things that are happening this year.

“I can thank you very very much for all the things you are doing with me and did over all of the years. Without you none of this would be possible.

Its difficult to describe the feelings I have now. I never believed I would be here at 36, being competitive again, playing in the most important court of my career one more time.

It means everything. It means a lot of energy to keep going.

I dont know what is going on in the future. I will keep fighting to keep going. It is amazing the things that are happening this year. Without my team and family this would not be possible, especially in the tough moments in terms of injuries. Without you I would have been retired much before.”

Casper Ruud also had a nice words for Rafa:

“This is a first time for me so let’s see how I do. The first and most important thing is to congratulate Rafa. It’s your 14th time, 22nd all around in Grand Slams. We all know what a champion you are.

“Today I got to feel how it is to play against you in a final. It’s not easy and I’m not the first victim. I know there have been many before!

“To you Rafa, your team, your family, you have taken me into your Academy with open arms, also my family. You are a true inspiration for me. We all hope you will continue for some more time.”

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