2022 British Open purse, prize money: Payout for each golfer from record $14 million championship pool


The final golf major of the season is wrapping up, and with it comes players’ last chance to etch their names into the history books. While their eyes are fixated on joining the likes of Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Seve Ballesteros as prior Champion Golfers of the Year on the Old Course at St. Andrews, there is more than history on the line at the 2022 Open Championship.

The 150th Open marks a milestone in the championship’s storied history, but it will also give way to its largest purse and winner’s share. $14 million will be distributed amongst the field with the 2022 Champion Golfer of the Year earning $2.5 million along with the Claret Jug.

“There have been significant changes in prize money over the last year,” said Martin Slumbers, chief executive of the R&A. “We have therefore increased the prize fund by 22%, which means that the prize money has increased by more than 60% since 2016.”

Despite the increase in the purse, The Open checks in as the fifth-highest payday of the season as it falls behind the three other majors (PGA Championship, Masters and U.S. Open) as well as the Players Championship. The $14 million purse will be shelled out to the top 70 professionals (plus ties) who make the cut. The amateurs who make their way through to the weekend cannot accept monetary prizes.

Rory McIlroy and Viktor Hovland rocketed atop the leaderboard after 54 holes, each sitting at 16 under for the championship entering Sunday’s final round. They are the fifth and sixth players to ever score that low at an Open through three rounds; everyone else who has done so eventually went on to win, according to Justin Ray. Furthermore, given every 72-hole winner at St. Andrews has been within four strokes of the lead at the close of play on Saturday, there are not too many golfers with a window open to take them down.

Let’s take a look at how the payouts for the 150th Open will be divided among those who compete this weekend at St. Andrews. Don’t forget to check out the 2022 Open TV schedule and coverage guide so you can watch as much as possible, and be sure to follow our live Open leaderboard coverage for updates throughout Round 4 at St. Andrews

2022 Open Championship purse, prize money

Total purse: $14 million

1st (Winner): $2,500,000
2nd: $1,455,000
3rd: $933,000
4th: $725,000
5th: $583,000
6th: $505,000
7th: $434,000
8th: $366,000
9th: $321,000
10th: $290,000
11th: $264,000
12th: $234,000
13th: $220,000
14th: $206,000
15th: $191,500
16th: $176,000
17th: $167,500
18th: $159,750
19th: $153,000
20th: $145,750
21st: $139,000
22nd: $132,000
23rd: $125,000
24th: $118,000
25th: $114,000
26th: $109,000
27th: $105,000
28th: $101,500
29th: $97,000
30th: $92,000
31st: $89,000
32nd: $84,500
33rd: $81,500
34th: $79,250
35th: $76,500
36th: $73,500
37th: $70,000
38th: $66,500
39th: $64,000
40th: $62,000
41st: $59,500
42nd: $56,500
43rd: $54,000
44th: $51,000
45th: $48,000
46th: $45,500
47th: $43,700
48th: $42,000
49th: $40,000
50th: $39,100
51st: $38,200
52nd: $37,600
53rd: $37,000
54th: $36,500
55th: $35,900
56th: $35,400
57th: $35,000
58th: $34,750
59th: $34,500
60th: $34,250
61st: $34,000
62nd: $33,900
63rd: $33,750
64th: $33,600
65th: $33,400
66th: $33,100
67th: $32,900
68th: $32,600
69th: $32,400
70th: $32,200

If more than 70 professional golfers qualify for the final two rounds, additional prize money will be added. Prize money will decrease by $125 per qualifying place above 70 to a minimum of $30,950.

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