After dominating Brazil, LOUD loses their first Masters encounter


LOUD’s VCT Brazil Challengers run

LOUDs domestic run started with a dominant victory over FURIA. The first match of the group stage ended with a score of 2-0 for the side of LOUD, 13-3 on Ascent, and 13-4 on Breeze. A combination of Matias “Saadhak” Delipetros Kay/O and Erick “aspas” Santoss Jett helped the team secure their first VCT 2022 Stage 2 win. LOUD then faced Los Grandes and the series followed a similar narrative with the only difference being the replacement of Breeze by Bind in the map veto.

After dropping no map during the group stage LOUD faced Los Grandes once again, now with higher stakes in the Upper Bracket Semi Finals. Only 16 rounds of Breeze were played, as Felipe “Less” de Loyola Basso led the team to an overwhelming win over Los Grandes. LOUD reached the Upper Bracket Finals to face Ninjas in Pyjamas, which brought back a similar narrative to Stage 1.

LOUD closed out the series after three games allowing NiP to take a total of only fifteen rounds over the three maps. Although they hadnt yet officially qualified, most Brazilian fans had come to accept the fate their region would now experience under LOUDs reign.

Copenhagen Masters

With DRX VS starting the tournament with an upset, the excitement for the Brazil vs LATAM matchup increased. Fracture was the first to host both teams, a predicted outcome for LOUDs map pick considering their past performances. KRU realized the disadvantage they faced; therefore, left the gate with a strong start to win the first couple of rounds. Losing these rounds warmed up the lethal LOUD offense and a string of rounds started falling under their banner such that the scoreboard read 8-4 by halftime.

KRUs predicament had worsened, but their ability to thrive under pressure rescued them and their Attack side pushed the score to a tie at 10-10 by round 21. LOUD couldnt let KRU get too comfortable and Matias “Saadhak” Delipetro stepped up at the right time to lead the team to close out the map with 8 kills in the last three rounds. Switching map picks meant that KRU could now seek revenge in their designated territory.

LOUD, however, knew better than to let themselves be vulnerable. Their defense was able to withstand KRUs offense for the most part allowing only a two-point lead to the opposition. Fortunately, the lead provided KRU with enough leeway to close out the map without breaking a sweat. 

Finally, Icebox was chosen as the last map where the outcome of the series would be decided, and despite having a slow start, KRU was able to keep the lead to 7-5 by halftime and when they started on Defense, it was game over for LOUD. Once again, winning the pistol round proved to be crucial to the overall result as a quick couple of rounds neutralized the lead fueling Roberto “Mazino” Rivas spectacular run on Defense finishing the half with a 2.05 Rating on 367 ACS.Now LOUD is facing OpTic in their elimination match that’s occurring on July 12 2:00pm CDT. Seeing any of these two teams missing out on playoffs is going to be a strange feeling, as both came into this event as favorites to win it all.

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