Taylor Lewan Needs T.J. Watt To Put Previous Face Spitting, Hit To Nuts Behind Him In Interview Plea

There still seems to be a big effort from part of the fan base of the Pittsburgh Steelers to get likely-soon-to-be-free-agent tackle Taylor Lewan, currently of the Tennessee Titans, to sign with the team later in the offseason. This has been going on for several weeks now and a recent podcast interview Lewan did now has those particular flames roaring once again. On Wednesday, Lewan took to Twitter in an interesting fashion and he essentially had a message for Steelers outside linebacker T.J. Watt. It was quite an amusing message at that.

The message to Lewan to Watt? It was essentially a plea to get the Steelers outside linebacker to quit denying him an interview request for his own podcast, Bussin’ With The Boys, ahead of this year’s Super Bowl.

“Listen, boys, first off, I wanna put a special thank you to Jersey Jerry for having me on his podcast, trying to talk me into going to Pittsburgh,” Lewan said in the recent Twitter video. “It’s a phenomenal city. The three lakes meeting together, Heinz Field right on the corner. They play that dope-ass song on fourth down. So, Will [Compton] and I are going to the Super Bowl to do Bussin’ stuff and to do media row, it’s gonna be an electric time, we have a whole bunch of podcasts going on.

“So, we send an olive branch out – T.J. Watt, his team, we would love to have you on our podcast during Super Bowl week. You’ll be there. We’ll be there. We’ll come to you. Do whatever you need to do. Just come and hit the boys. And this mother fu**er just told us no. He just denied us for the third time in a row. I don’t know. And they want us to be teammates. It kind of just feels like that’s bad teammate vibes, right? We’ve had our past. Yeah, I spit in his face. I hit him in the nuts one time. Like, that is, listen, hand up, that’s on me. But damn, boys, like, can we turn a page? Let’s just turn a page and move on.”

Well, that’s quite a plea to Watt. Yeah, I bet Watt still is kind of sore about Lewan spitting in his face and hitting him where the sun don’t shine. Watt is also probably also still sore about things Lewan has previously said in a few previous interviews about him as well. You know, like essentially saying that Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett is a better player than Watt. That sort of stuff.

Look, Lewan speaks his heart. He plays with a lot of heart as well. He’s the kind of veteran offensive lineman that has quite an attitude on and off the field. I get it. Watt probably gets it as well. That said, it certainly seems like Watt wants nothing to do with Lewan when it comes to sitting down for an interview with him. Will that change here in the next week or so? We’ll see. It would be quite entertaining to see such an interview, truth be told.

As I pointed out a few weeks ago, I really doubt that Lewan will wind up with the Steelers this offseason and especially if he’s looking for just a one-year deal worth more than $8 million or so. I mean, stranger things have happened before, but due to the Steelers’ salary cap situation this offseason, in addition to the team likely to use a 2023 draft pick or two on offensive linemen, I just struggle with the idea of them signing a veteran offensive lineman with two recent knee injuries to a one-year contract with a lot of money involved. We’ll see, I guess.

We’ll now wait and see if Lewan’s recent video plea to Watt pays off. I’m kind of hoping it does, to be honest.

Wait, did Lewan really say, “three lakes”? Too funny.

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