Bengals QB Joe Burrow invests in new ladies’s volleyball league

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is the latest investor in an upstart women’s volleyball league.

Burrow and his parents, Jimmy and Robin Burrow, are founding partners of the Pro Volleyball Federation, the league announced in a statement on Thursday. The league is scheduled to begin play in February 2024.

“My family and I are thrilled to put our support behind this great opportunity for world-class volleyball athletes,” Burrow said in a statement issued by the league. “No one ever achieves greatness without first being provided an opportunity. Pro Volleyball Federation is opening the door, and we are excited to see these athletes chase their dreams and goals.”

According to the release, Orlando Magic governor Dan DeVos and former NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer are among the founding partners in the upstart league.

Early in his pro career, Burrow has been involved with companies or foundations with ties to Ohio, where he lived for most of his childhood. Dave Winham, one of the PVF’s co-founders is based out of Columbus, which is roughly 75 miles from Burrow’s hometown of Athens.

In the statement released by the league, Winham cited his ties to Jimmy Burrow in the announcement of the family’s involvement.

“I have known Jimmy for a long time, and during the time we have worked to build this league, the Burrow family has become extremely passionate about our collective vision to grow a league based on quality, viability, fairness, and treating our players the right way,” Winham said in a statement.

The Burrow family has publicly increased its off-field endeavors this year. In October, they launched the Joe Burrow Foundation, with Burrow serving as a the president, Jimmy Burrow as the vice president and Robin Burrow as the foundation’s secretary. The foundation aims to serve underprivileged people in Ohio and Louisiana, where Burrow finished his college career.

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