Meet 2023 NFL Draft Prospect Bob Jonjo Jr, LB, Glenville State

Bob Jonjo Jr. the hard-hitting linebacker from Glenville State University recently sat down with NFL Draft Diamonds owner Damond Talbot for this exclusive interview.
Bob Jonjo Jr. the hard-hitting linebacker from Glenville State University recently sat down with NFL Draft Diamonds owner Damond Talbot for this exclusive interview.

  • Name: Bob Jonjo Jr
  • Position: LB 
  • College: Glenville State University 
  • Height: 6”3
  • Weight: 220
  • Twitter: Chasebagjonjo 
  • Instagram: Chasebagjonjo 

What makes you a top prospect at your position in the 2023 NFL Draft?

I believe my ability to make plays and lead by example is what makes me a top prospect at my position! I also believe my versatility and ability to play different positions makes me a top prospect as well.

At what age were you first interested in the sport of football?

I’ve been interested in football since I was 5 years old but I didn’t start playing organized football until I was in 8th grade. 

What is one thing that NFL teams should know about you?

NFL teams should know that I’m a hardworking young man that has overcame a lot of adversity to be in the position I’m in today. They should also know that I’m a team player and will do whatever the teams needs me to do for us to succeed and win. 

If you could donate to one cause in the world, what would it be?

It would be to anything helping the homeless and the reason why I would donate is that I can relate to being homeless and not knowing where you’re gonna sleep at next. 

What is the best advice you have ever received? 

The best advice I’ve ever received is to trust God and keep working. If you don’t quit the lord will bless you! 

Who was your childhood hero? 

My childhood hero was my Mother and still is my Mother because she’s been with me through everything. 

Who is the most underrated teammate in your locker room at your school?

It’s a tie between Dane Lynch and Kelvin Watts. Dane is one of the smartest players I’ve played with. He was our nickel and made so many IQ plays that went unnoticed. Kelvin is the best offensive lineman I’ve ever played with. He won’t get the praise and credit he deserves because of the position he plays but he was the most valuable player on offense in my opinion. 

What is your biggest pet peeve? 

My biggest pet peeve is people who act differently around certain people. You should always be yourself no matter who’s around. 

Overcoming adversity is what defines character, what was the hardest moment in your life to overcome?

My life has been full of me overcoming adversity but I’ll have to say the hardest moment in my life to overcome was making it out of JUCO. It was so many times I wanted to quit but I kept pushing because I knew something great would come out of it. 

Tell me something about your school and why it is so special to you?

My school was very welcoming to me and it’s special because from day 1 the people around me treated me as family. From the coaches, players, staff members, athletic trainers, students. They all made it easy for me to come in and be comfortable and I love them all for it! 

What is your favorite snack food? 

I’m a Swiss roll guy 

What is the best part of football? 

The best part of football is being able to go to war with your teammates for 60 mins man! Winning and making forever great memories with your teammates is the best thing ever about this game of football. 

If you could sell yourself in one sentence what would you say?

Turn on my film and you’ll see how much I love This game! 

If you could compare your play to one player in the NFL who would it be?

Micah Parsons 

If you could have dinner with three people dead or alive, who would it be and why?

ED Reed, Tyrann Mathieu, and Lebron James! I chose these three because they are my favorite athletes and I would love to talk to them about how they made it and how they are leaders of men! 

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