Los Angeles Rams say crew will deal with self-discipline for Cincinnati Bengals brawl ‘internally’

The Los Angeles Rams said any discipline for star defensive lineman Aaron Donald and other players involved in Thursday’s brawl during a joint practice with the Cincinnati Bengals will be handled by the team.

“The incident will be addressed internally, and any discipline will remain in-house,” a Rams spokesperson said Friday when asked if Donald or other players would be disciplined.

After the first day of joint practices took place without issue, Thursday’s practice ended early after a fight broke out on the field during a drill between the Bengals’ first-team offense and the Rams’ first-team defense.

Multiple helmets came off during the fight, and a Cincinnati Enquirer photographer spotted Donald holding a Bengals helmet in each hand. After practice, a video circulated on Twitter appearing to show Donald swinging a helmet multiple times during the scrum.

Donald, who was scheduled to speak during practice, was not made available. He later declined comment through a team spokesperson.

In his post-practice availability, Rams coach Sean McVay said he didn’t want to make a big deal of the fight, saying his understanding was that no one was injured in the fight and, “it’s like anything else, you just move forward and this’ll be a little blip on the radar an hour from now for our guys.”

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